Life Day Special! (Guest Jay Glatfelter)

BONUS EPISODE – James and Ralph are joined by Jay Glatfelter (Geek. Dad. Life.) to do a live running commentary of the Star Wars Holiday Special! Is it as bad as George Lucas would lead you to believe? Watch along as Jay and James watch this television classic for the first time in its entirety!

*Due to copyright claims, “The Story of the Faithful Wookiee” aka the Boba Fett animated short has been cut out of this broadcast. The only thing you’re missing from our commentary is that Y-Wings are cool and this version of Han Solo resembles Adam Driver. Also, we are LIVE ACTION Star Wars, sooooo yeah, cutting it out is implied in our mandate.

Follow Jay at!

YouTube: @LiveActionSW
Twitter: @LiveActionSW
Instagram: @LiveActionSW
Twitch: @LiveActionSW

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