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Life Day Special! (Guest Jay Glatfelter)

BONUS EPISODE – James and Ralph are joined by Jay Glatfelter (Geek. Dad. Life.) to do a live running commentary of the Star Wars Holiday Special! Is it as bad as George Lucas would lead you to believe? Watch along as Jay and James watch this television classic for the first time in its entirety!

*Due to copyright claims, “The Story of the Faithful Wookiee” aka the Boba Fett animated short has been cut out of this broadcast. The only thing you’re missing from our commentary is that Y-Wings are cool and this version of Han Solo resembles Adam Driver. Also, we are LIVE ACTION Star Wars, sooooo yeah, cutting it out is implied in our mandate.

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Bonus Episode

Star Wars’ Mystery Mini-Rig!

YouTube Exclusive

BONUS EPISODE – Ralph and James, while recording an upcoming episode discover this bizarre Mini-Rig Star Wars vehicle behind the scenes of the Battle of Hoth. Not seen in the film, but definitely made for the picture. Let us know in the chat below what this vehicle might be!

Original John Williams Documentary:

UPDATE: Pablo Hidalgo (@pabl0hidalgo) on Twitter:

“This is the “Rebel cannon sled”, a piece of production design that attempted to maximize value by building it on a real vehicle. In this case, an AKTIV snow trac sled.”

“The blueprints for it call out the snow trac base as well as its use of an ‘existing cannon unit.'”

“You may occasionally find photos of Luke in his snowspeeder pilot manning the guns online labeled as a ‘deleted scene’. It’s not. It’s more like a photo opportunity, as this prop / vehicle was on set that day.”

Bonus Episode

Ralph & James Watched! Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Making of Season 2 Finale

YouTube Exclusive

BONUS EPISODE – James & Ralph watched Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Making of Season 2 Finale, aka How to Rebuild Luke’s Face! They guys talk about watching the finale of Mando season 2, theories on where Star Wars can go from here and much much more!! Strap yourself into the egg scanner booth and prepare to get your face replaced by a deep faked younger version of yourself! Do we love the character of Luke Skywalker? Only one way to find out. Watch this, our latest bonus episode! 8.26.21