“Star Wars Portroids” (Guest Rick DeMint)

DATA LINK EP. 6 – Ralph and James are joined by Rick Demint (@Portroids) to discuss his collection of signed Polaroid Portraits! They will scour through Ricks Instagram page @SW.Portroids and get the inside scoop on the photos of folks … Continue reading “Star Wars Portroids” (Guest Rick DeMint)

“Exploring Tatooine” (with Riley Silverman)

DATA LINK EP. 2 – James and Ralph are joined by Riley Silverman (@rileyjsilverman) to discuss her upcoming book “Star Wars: Exploring Tatooine An Illustrated Guide” releasing this August 2022! “EXPLORING TATOOINE” PRESS RELEASE Site: LiveActionSW.comTwitter: @LiveActionSWInstagram: @LiveActionSWTwitch: @LiveActionSWMerch is available at THREADLESS Continue reading “Exploring Tatooine” (with Riley Silverman)